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PG International FZC is the trading arm of PETROGOIÁS DISTRIBUIDORA based in Sharjah UAE aiming to support its internationsl growth.

PETROGOIÁS DISTRIBUIDORA is a brazilian company, located in Senador Canedo city, state of Goiás. It is one of the largest operators on the Ethanol from sugar cane of the country. Currently trading 800.000Mt of derivatives, Mainly Diesel and Gasoline.

PETROGOIÁS DISTRIBUIDORA started operating in July 2003, with its headquarters located in Senador Canedo-Go. With the aim of serving the fuel market with safety and quality, the company is concerned with supplying the entire Midwest, Goiás, Tocantins, Maranhão, Pará, Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais.

The company have its own tank facilities and also Other facilities in each operational estate, including agreements at Santos Port and Paranagua Port for the storage of Diesel, Gasoline A, Hydrated Ethanol, Anhydrous Ethanol and Biodiesel.

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Through our logistics we serve more than 386 municipalities distributed in the Midwest (GO, DF, MT), North (TO, PA) and Southeast (MG) regions.

Our quality controls under our own laboratory have made our company one of the top companies by the National Agency of Petrol which have never reveive any appointment upon the quality of our products.

Diesel and Gasoline

The company have a long term agreement with Petrobras for Diesel and Gasoline A since its foundation.


Daily trade of Product from Mills to distributors Collect and Distribution direct from mills and storage at our own tank storages.

Environment and
social actions

In addition to all the operational care required by environmental legislation, PETROGOIÁS DISTRIBUIDORA develops, with the participation of all its employees, the selective collection of garbage in its facilities, providing the separation of recyclable materials. We also contribute to maintaining the activities and development of Vila São Cottolengo, in Trindade-Go.

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PG International FZC is the commercial arm of PETROGOIÁS DISTRIBUIDORA based in Sharjah UAE with the aim of supporting its international growth.

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